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To say Rebecca Jean Kerr's past is complex is an understatement. Originating from the DCU, she's had multiple names and seemingly multiple lives. As Jeannie she was the wife of the man who would become the Joker. As Eve Dent she was one third of Earth-3's Three-Face. As Rebecca Brown she almost (re)married the Joker when he had a months-long bout of sanity. And as Harleen Quinzel she became notorious in her own right as Harley Quinn.

Even the connection between the four is chaotic. When the Joker briefly had his hands on a reality-altering artifact, the Martian Manhunter temporarily made him sane in order to prevent catastrophe. A realization of his madness and a wish for help while still holding the device did the rest, echoing back in time and granting Jeannie reality-warping abilities that she used to save herself and their unborn daughter from her canonical murder. Things got progressively more tangled from there, as her untrained powers and the changing of timelines had adverse affects on her memory.

It was only with the collapse of her original multiverse that she was finally able to put all the pieces of her mind and multiple lives together, and find that along the way she'd developed the right skills and abilities to potentially do what she'd wanted to do all along - save her husband from his own madness. Offered a deal from the Elementals assembling a new reality from the fragments of others, including her previous origin multiverse, she readily accepted. As the new Chaos Knight, a position once held by Garland of Melmond, her former reality bending powers are now contained and linked to her work. Her background in psychology and personal understanding of madness give her a unique perspective that can make all the difference in making sure new arrivals in the recreated reality are, while perhaps not textbook sane, at least not an unreasonable danger to themselves or others.
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